Duration : 6 months

POA Template

Does your Amazon Account get Suspended? This course will assist in getting back your Amazon account. Amazon account suspension happens due to your ignorance about Amazon policies. To retrieve your account, you must know POA. POA means Plan Of Action. It is nothing but analysing your issue in such a way that why did the issue happen, the steps which you have taken and what will be the preventive measures? Whenever Amazon is dropping you mail regarding account suspension issues like product complaints, inauthentic, intellectual property violations etc., you need to send a POA to Amazon. This course includes four templates for four major issues. These templates were prepared by the leading E-commerce specialist, Nivetha Muralitharan. She has successfully drafted 700+ POAs from 2017 to now. The chances are higher for retrieval of your suspended account if you have drafted the POA correctly and efficiently.