Duration : 6 months

Amazon PPC

Are you one of those people who is struggling to boost sales on Amazon? The straight secret tip that is available to boost sales on Amazon is only through advertisements. Wondering how much amount needs to spend on advertisement, the bid value, and the type of ad. Many people are simply stuck out and they waste their money ending up in high ACOS(Advertisement Cost of Sale). In this course, you will learn completely from scratch like how to create Amazon advertisements, different terminologies available on Amazon ads, the type of ads every business should run, and the major part is the optimization of ads. This class provides an overview of the optimization of all the ads so that you can get the maximum out of them. Also, the instructor, Nivetha Muralidharan has shared some of the secrets which are used in her agency Newgenmax where she used to scale the business to 7 and 8 figure income. At the end of this transparent course, you will surely take your business to the next level. All the best!